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3 Surprising Uses for BOTOX® (That Don’t Include Wrinkles)

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When it comes creating smooth, youthful-looking skin, BOTOX is a popular choice at my London, Ontario, practice. Treatment sessions can soften frown lines, crow’s feet, and numerous other signs of aging. While most people think of BOTOX strictly as a tool for fighting wrinkles, this “wonder drug” actually has many uses. This blog post will explain the various ways BOTOX and other neurotoxins can improve patients’ quality of life.

How BOTOX works

BOTOX is a prescription medication that utilizes botulinum toxin A: an ingredient that temporarily relaxes muscles. This neurotoxin is injected into target areas to prevent muscles from contracting. When used as an anti-aging treatment, the neurotoxin releases tension in the face and creates smoother, wrinkle-free skin.

Although BOTOX gained much of its fame as a wrinkle-fighting agent, doctors quickly realized that temporarily relaxing muscles could have many other benefits. Since its approval for cosmetic use in the early 2000s, this useful neurotoxin has earned approval for multiple other purposes.

Got a problem? BOTOX might help

Botulinum toxin A—the active ingredient in BOTOX—can be utilized in many helpful ways. Here are a few unusual treatment options that go beyond skincare regimens.

Jaw pain

If you wake up with a sore jaw from grinding your teeth at night, you might be experiencing signs of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. With TMJ, the jaw muscles are often hyperactive, causing jaw pain, headaches, or clicking sounds when biting. BOTOX can alleviate this issue by blocking nerves and relaxing the jaw, which breaks the chronic pain cycle. This can be an effective solution for those who have not seen improvement from other, more subtle treatments.

Chronic headaches

Chronic headache issues, such as migraines, can be debilitating. Some doctors theorize that migraines might be caused by certain muscle spasms around the brain. By placing careful injections around the scalp and hairline, BOTOX can relax these muscle spasms and prevent migraines. This is a useful treatment when paired with other lifestyle modifications, such as getting adequate sleep, water, and exercise.

Excessive sweating

Sometimes even prescription deodorant can’t stop excessive sweating. This issue (known medically as hyperhidrosis) affects nearly 1 million Canadians and can be noticeably improved with BOTOX. With a few injections to areas like the armpits, hands, feet, doctors can disable the sweat glands and prevent them from overproducing. This treatment doesn’t create a “build up” of moisture in other areas of the body. Instead, the sweat is simply no longer produced.

One of the joys of science is finding new ways to revolutionize tools and treatments. Versatile BOTOX maintains its “wonder drug” reputation for a reason. As a neurotoxin that beneficially relaxes tense muscles, it can be used in a variety of ways to improve people’s lives. New uses are constantly being discovered and approved.

If you have questions about BOTOX or would like to learn more about treatment options, our experienced team is happy to help. Request a consultation online today or call the practice at (519) 472-8686.

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