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Botox LogoBOTOX is as popular in London, Ontario, as it is throughout North America. Women and men from Cambridge, Sarnia, Chatham-Kent, and beyond come to DermEffects for this renowned treatment to smooth forehead wrinkles and soften lines around the eyes, such as crow’s feet and frown lines. Injections of this neuromodulator can create a rested, refreshed appearance without causing an unnatural appearance.

BOTOX targets the muscles that contract when you frown and squint. These muscle contractions cause frown lines and crow’s feet — called “dynamic wrinkles.”

We also offer XEOMIN®, a similar neuromodulator that can be the best choice for some patients.

Dr. Wei Jing Loo is a Royal College-certified dermatologist who performs cosmetic injectable procedures with the precision of a physician and the eye of an artist.

How BOTOX Works

The active ingredient in both BOTOX and XEOMIN is a naturally occurring protein that, when injected in very small amounts, temporarily relaxes the targeted muscles. BOTOX or XEOMIN injections help smooth away wrinkles and lines that form when those muscles contract.

BOTOX Before & After Photos

Botox before and after photos
Photos courtesy of Allergan. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Why Choose DermEffects for BOTOX?

It’s important to choose an experienced, qualified injector for BOTOX or XEOMIN treatments. Dr. Wei Jing Loo is a Royal College-certified dermatologist who performs cosmetic injectable procedures with the precision of a physician and the eye of an artist.

Some of the reasons people in London choose Dr. Loo for BOTOX treatments include:

  • Expertise: Dr. Loo is one of the leading providers of BOTOX treatments in the area. She specializes in cosmetic dermatology and understands the facial anatomy affected by aesthetic injectables.
  • Results: By taking a conservative approach to BOTOX injections, our patients look like themselves after a treatment, but naturally refreshed.
  • Options: BOTOX and XEOMIN are certainly among the most popular treatments at DermEffects, but we offer a range of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures for the face, including dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and microneedling.

BOTOX treatments typically take less than 15 minutes at our office and require no downtime or recovery. You can return to work, run errands, or resume other daily activities immediately after your procedure.

An Elite Skincare Specialist

Dr. Loo is an experienced, board-certified dermatologist who established DermEffects with a vision of providing excellent cosmetic and medical skin care.

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BOTOX Treatment Areas

BOTOX is among the most versatile anti-wrinkle treatments available. It can be used in various areas of the face to create a more youthful appearance by limiting repeated facial muscle contractions. Types of wrinkles BOTOX injections can address include:

Frowning Wrinkles

Vertical lines between the eyebrows can create a permanent frowning expression. BOTOX relaxes the 3 specific muscles that cause these glabellar lines, sometimes called “worry lines” or “the 11s,” because they form parallel lines, looking similar to the number 11.

Forehead Wrinkles

When you look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows to make a surprised expression, you’ll notice that your forehead muscles crease horizontally across your forehead. Over time, these creases can make you appear older, but BOTOX helps to smooth the appearance of these wrinkles. Dr. Loo takes a conservative approach to treating forehead wrinkles because when used improperly, BOTOX may cause sagging eyebrows.

Crow’s Feet

Crinkly lines at the corners of the eyes created by years of smiling and squinting are often called “crow’s feet” and are one of the primary culprits of early signs of aging. BOTOX is used to help minimize these lines and create a smoother complexion. Some of our patients begin getting BOTOX injections in their late 20s or early 30s to curtail these lines before they become too deep.

Graphic featuring woman and Botox treatment areasGraphic featuring woman and Botox treatment areas

What Does BOTOX Cost?

The cost of BOTOX injections varies from patient to patient, depending on the number of treatment areas and how much BOTOX is needed to get the desired results. Dr. Loo’s team will provide you with a personalized price based on your specific needs before your treatment. The quoted prices are generally per unit of BOTOX injected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOTOX safe?

Yes. BOTOX was first approved in 2001 by Health Canada for cosmetic use. When administered by a trained, experienced professional, these treatments are very safe and have a low risk of complications for most people.

Will BOTOX injections “freeze” my facial expressions?

This is a common question we hear at DermEffects. BOTOX and XEOMIN soften lines and smooth wrinkles, but you will still be able to change facial expressions. The “frozen” appearances of some celebrities are typically caused by having too much BOTOX injected, having the wrong muscles injected, or are the result of surgery. Dr. Loo discusses the goals and expectations that each patient has before the treatment.

When will I see results after BOTOX injections?

This varies from patient to patient, but generally speaking, you can expect to start noticing results about 4 to 7 days after your treatment. Most patients continue seeing improvements for another week, with the maximum results occurring about 2 weeks following the injections.

How long do BOTOX results last?

Again, the duration of your results may differ from the experience of another patient. BOTOX typically produces results that last up to 4 months, although some patients may see results that last a month or 2 longer. Periodic treatments can help maintain the results in a manner that appears natural.

Can BOTOX be used to prevent wrinkles?

It’s well-known that BOTOX is one of the leading procedures to treat wrinkles, but an increasing number of younger patients schedule BOTOX appointments to delay the onset of lines and wrinkles. The key word is “delay,” rather than prevent. Wrinkles inevitably develop, but because BOTOX works by limiting the movement of facial muscles, it can actually postpone dynamic wrinkling.

Patients from throughout southern Ontario travel to DermEffects for BOTOX injections. You can learn more about BOTOX and the services provided at DermEffects under the expert guidance of Dr. Loo and her team by using the online form to request a consultation or by calling our office at (519) 472-2929 to schedule an appointment.