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Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can be very meaningful and can be a beautiful expression of personal style. But, for a range of reasons, individuals may end up wanting a tattoo removed. At our London dermatology practice, we offer laser tattoo removal that’s safe and effective.

Dr. Wei Jing Loo and the laser technician at DermEffects, Chassidy Pazitny, have many years of combined experience performing laser treatments, including tattoo removal. Chassidy has been performing laser and clinical skincare treatments for more than 12 years.

Dr. Wei Jing Loo and the laser technician at DermEffects, Chassidy Pazitny, have many years of combined experience performing laser treatments, including tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Expertise in Southwest Ontario

Under the medical supervision of Dr. Loo, DermEffects’ highly skilled team of injectors and estheticians serves patients from:

  • London
  • Sarnia
  • Chatham-Kent
  • Cambridge
  • Waterloo
  • Bayfield
  • Grand Bend

Why People Seek Tattoo Removal

Studies estimate that about 1 out of every 4 people with a tattoo at some point regrets the decision. The reasons vary, but tastes, styles, occupations, and relationships change, and sometimes the tattoo is no longer relevant or appropriate. Before the introduction of laser tattoo removal, the options available for getting rid of a tattoo included excision (surgery to remove the area of the ink), an acid-based treatment, or dermabrasion. Few people chose to get their tattoos removed. That’s changed with laser technology.

How Laser Technology Works

Aesthetic lasers remove tattoos by targeting and breaking up the pigment in tattoo ink with high-intensity light beams. The pigment breaks apart and is naturally absorbed by the body, resulting in the gradual fading of the tattoo.

Tattoos created using black ink are the easiest to remove because black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. Blues and greens are moderate and yellows tend to be the most difficult to remove. At DermEffects, we use the Lutronic Spectra™ because it has multiple wavelengths (1064, 532, 585, and 650nm) to cover the broadest spectrum of tattoo colours, including:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Dark and light blue

We can also treat patients with different skin types.

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An Elite Skincare Specialist

Dr. Loo is an experienced, board-certified dermatologist who established DermEffects with a vision of providing excellent cosmetic skin care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The amount of discomfort you will feel during treatment depends on your individual pain threshold as well as the size and location of the tattoo. However, most people say that tattoo removal is no more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place, and the treatments are much shorter than a tattoo session.

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

Again, this varies depending on several factors, including the age and size of the tattoo, the colour(s) of the ink, the location on the body, and the density of the ink. Some tattoos can be removed in 2 to 4 sessions, while others may take 5 to 8 sessions or even more. We will do our best to estimate the number of sessions you will need at your consultation.

How long should I wait between laser tattoo removal treatments?

We typically space the treatments a minimum of 6 weeks apart, but your practitioner will make a recommendation for your specific needs. We want to give your body time to get rid of the tattoo ink that is broken up during the laser treatment and allow your skin to fully heal between sessions.

Will I have a scar after the tattoo is removed?

When performed by skilled professionals like those at DermEffects, the tattoo removal process should not leave a scar. The laser targets the ink in the tattoo and breaks it down without damaging the skin. In some cases, the original tattoo may have damaged the skin or may have been applied to an area of scarred skin, and that will still remain after tattoo removal.

Have you considered removing one or more tattoos, but aren’t sure where to start? Request a consultation with Dr. Loo at DermEffects to learn more about laser tattoo removal. Women and men from throughout the Waterloo Region and Southwestern Ontario travel to our practice for both aesthetic and medical skin care. You can also call our office at (519) 472-2929 to schedule an appointment.