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Are Millennials Changing the Face of BOTOX?

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A recent survey conducted by plastic surgery resource revealed that a surprisingly younger demographic is now embracing BOTOX COSMETIC®. While this ever-popular injectable is known for its anti-aging properties, BOTOX is becoming more enticing to younger patients who want to outsmart Father Time.

Millennials Like BOTOX

That RealSelf survey I mentioned offers an interesting insight: 51% of Millennials (people ages 18 to 34) are considering a cosmetic treatment within the next calendar year. That’s more than half! But consider this: the oldest of the Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are already approaching their late 30s. That’s the time when most people say they start to notice the first signs of facial aging, especially fine lines, light laxity, and dynamic wrinkles–the ones that BOTOX is especially good at treating. I’ve definitely seen an uptick in younger BOTOX patients here in my London, Ontario location.

The BOTOX Effect

“Dynamic” wrinkles differ from normal age-related creases and folds because they’re actually related to movement of the face. Whenever you squint or furrow your brow, these lines appear in the form of crow’s feet or forehead lines. Although the lines usually go away when you soften your features, over time the skin can become creased, and the lines can become permanent.

BOTOX works by temporarily blocking muscle activity in the location where it’s administered, thus reducing the facial movements that cause these types of wrinkles. This approach seems to appeal to Millennials because it’s preventive. By slowing down muscle activity now, you can effectively stave off future development of these wrinkles.

An Affordable Approach

Of course, in any conversation about Millennials, the subject of money isn’t too far behind. The relative affordability of a BOTOX treatment is a compelling reason why the procedure may be seeing a rise in popularity among this notoriously cash-strapped generation. Although BOTOX is an indulgence, it’s 1 that offers much bigger payoffs than topical drugstore products. Adding to the cost-benefit factor are BOTOX’s relatively quick-forming results. Although results aren’t instant, most people say they notice a reduction in lines after about a week. That reduction can last for months.

Let’s Talk About It

Millennials also tend to be very down-to-earth and honest about topics that earlier generations might consider sensitive. Aesthetic medicine is definitely no different! Thanks to their open personalities and easy approachability, Millennials are often happy to share their experiences with things like BOTOX. Who better to “change the face” of BOTOX than a generation who’s open to singing its praises?

In short, BOTOX is safe, in practice in cosmetic medicine since the early 2000s. It’s also measurably effective and beginning to earn its reputation as a way to prevent the effects of aging. These qualities make it a logical first choice for older Millennials who are ready to take a step up from topical products and inject real results into their skincare routines.

To find out more about your potential with BOTOX, request a consultation online or call our office at (519) 472-8686.

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