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Always Check Your Skincare Labels

Beautiful woman looking at skincare products.

Counterfeit skincare products have never been more widely available than they are today. The internet provides a ready platform for scammers to sell these products to unsuspecting buyers. Street vendors are also selling counterfeit beauty and skin care products in cities all over the country. The next time you’re shopping online or in a store, try these tips:

Analyze the Packaging

Counterfeit products will often try to replicate the manufacturer’s packaging, but won’t be able to exactly get it right. Colors and fonts might be slightly off, and the logo might look different from the brand’s real logo. If something seems off, search the small print for typos or misaligned text. While this may be difficult to do if you’re shopping online, you can avoid being scammed by ensuring the seller isn’t simply using the stock photo from the manufacturer’s website. This is especially important when buying items on Amazon or eBay.

Note the Pricing

If a deal seems too good to be true, don’t take it. High-end skincare products can be expensive, but that’s because they use quality ingredients and work to improve the skin. Fake skincare products are often full of harsh chemicals and fillers, and most people don’t realize that they’ve been scammed until their skin has a negative reaction. If the price is much lower than you usually pay, take a few moments to look closer at the product’s details.

Open the Product

While you don’t have the opportunity to do this if you’re shopping online, you can certainly do this if you stumble upon a street vendor or a sale at one of your favorite stores. Counterfeit skin care products will rarely have the same smell, consistency, or even color of the original.

Check the Reviews

When you’re buying skin care items online, always look at the reviews of both the product as well as the store or seller. Someone who was scammed by the company will typically write about the negative experience somewhere. Make sure to go straight to the one-star remarks as these kinds of companies will try to bury negative comments with paid reviews. There are also a number of websites dedicated to informing the public about websites that sell counterfeit products. This information can be easily found with a simple Google search.

Skip the Online Shopping

When it comes to your skin care routine, you want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time and money using fake (or ineffective) products. Avoid this by going straight to the source. At DermEffects, we offer skincare consultations that cover treatments and services as well as at-home skin care products.  You’ll be able to give your skin care routine a boost and avoid stocking your bathroom shelves with counterfeit products in one fell swoop.

If you would like additional information about the skin care products or anti-aging treatments offered at our London, Ontario, clinic, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (519) 472-8686 to schedule an appointment.

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