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Poll: “When Do You Think is the Best Time To Start BOTOX®?”

Woman considering Botox in London, ON

If you like to read bloggers who write about anti-aging treatments—that’s probably why you’re here—it’s likely you’ve come across the phrase “preventative BOTOX” and wondered, “wow, can BOTOX actually prevent wrinkles?” It’s not really a yes or no answer because ultimately everyone develops wrinkles. Even the best dermatologist in London, Ontario, can’t prevent you from getting wrinkles eventually.

But the concept of preventative BOTOX is sound. BOTOX minimizes existing wrinkles by limiting the movement of muscles that cause those wrinkles to develop in the first place. So, getting injections in your mid-20s can help delay the onset of wrinkles such as crow’s feet and worry lines.

Most BOTOX patients get their first injections in their early 30s as the production of collagen slows and the first hint of expression lines develop. Other people wait until their 40s as wrinkles become more pronounced. Men who didn’t mind a few lines etched into their faces during their 40s may see BOTOX as a way to recapture a more youthful edge in their 50s.

What do you think is the right time to start BOTOX? Take this poll to give us your answer and then check out the results!

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