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5 Surprising Uses for Dermal Fillers

A woman smiles after getting dermal fillers.

Most patients considering anti-aging treatments know that dermal fillers are an excellent tool for restoring volume, enhancing lips, and smoothing facial wrinkles. Few, however, are aware that we use products such as JUVÉDERM® at our London, Ontario clinic for a range of other cosmetic concerns.

Providers with experience in these popular treatments know that they can address volume loss that occurs anywhere—especially places that are often overlooked by patients who feel that they look older than they actually are.

Most dermal fillers, including JUVÉDERM, Restylane®, Saypha®, and TEOSYAL® products, are made with hyaluronic acid, a molecule that is found naturally in the body. It binds with water in your skin to hydrate it, replenish lost volume, and produce immediate improvements.

Here are some surprising uses for fillers:

Volumizing the hands: Want to guess someone’s age? Take a peek at the backs of their hands rather than the face. Many people don’t think about the appearance of their hands, but dark marks caused by sun damage, veins, tendons, and bony structures provide a guide to knowing someone’s age. Dermal fillers can camouflage these tell-tale signs.

Treating horizontal neck lines: We can mask these wrinkles that run horizontally across the neck with fillers. Neck lines are different than neck bands that stretch vertically (you can see them when you tighten your neck). Neck bands typically require a neck lift for tightening and smoothing. But people with good skin elasticity who have horizontal neck lines can benefit from fillers.

Nonsurgical chin augmentation: Well-defined chins are considered universally attractive for both men and women. They create a youthful, healthy appearance and are seen as desirable in art and culture. Synthetic implants used to be the only way to augment chins. With fillers, we can personalize the treatment—especially to account for the differences between women and men (who want a more masculine chin).

Minimize acne scars: One of the most common aesthetic concerns we hear from men and women is about acne scars. Pockmarked skin can diminish self-esteem, but it can be difficult to treat with lasers. Fillers don’t fill in these scars; instead, they push out in much the way that automobile dents are repaired. It can require numerous treatments and maintenance appointments, but most patients consider the results worth it.

Fill in hollow temples: Temples are another overlooked area when it comes to signs of aging. Aging tends to make the bones around the temple area more prominent, creating an older, even unhealthy, look. Fillers can soften this appearance and—when combined with other anti-aging procedures—restore a more youthful look.

We can discuss these and other areas where dermal fillers at our London, Ontario, practice might address less-known aesthetic concerns. Contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call our practice at (519) 472-8686 to schedule an appointment.

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